Imagine someone you love has been arrested unexpectedly. The unexpected arrest follows a series of questions and clouds of confusion that loom overhead and torment you until bail is approved. When someone is incarcerated, it’s natural to plunge into the abyss of questions. Bail can be complex and intimidating, and when individuals opt for bail bonds in Iredell County, they have many queries that hold them back from securing freedom with bail. Proper knowledge and understanding of the bail bond process can simplify legal ordeal beyond leaps and bounds. To help you clear your skepticism, here’s a list of some top questions people ask before getting a bail bond.

What is a Bail Bond?

In layman’s language, a bail bond is a contract between an accused person and a bail bond company. The bail bond agent pledges to pay the entire bond amount if the defendant doesn’t appear in court, as necessary. In return, the defendant or someone pays a small premium on their behalf, which is a small percentage of the bond amount. Note that the premium fee is non-refundable. Even when the defendant appears for trial, this amount isn’t returned.

How Long Does the Bail Bond Process Take?

Bail bonds exist to make the bail process faster. When someone cannot pay the entire bail amount and has to wait in legal custody, they opt for bail bonds. So, it’s safe to say bail bonds are quicker. However, the duration of the bail bond process can be different. While in some cases, bail is granted immediately when the paperwork is completed and the payment has been arranged, in other cases, it can take a day or two.

How Much Does Bail Bond Cost?

This is one of the most common questions that torment people. As mentioned above, a bail bond generally costs about a small percentage or 15% of the bail amount. But, this percentage can vary depending on the bail bond agency and the state. In addition, some agencies also offer flexible payment plans with zero interest and EMI options for those who can’t pay the entire payment upfront. So, inquire about the available options before you start.

What are the Responsibilities of the Defendant and the Co-signer?

The defendant has to comply with all the court requirements and attend all scheduled hearings. Whereas, the co-signer assumes the financial responsibility for ensuring the defendant appears in the court.

The Bottom Line

Although there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the bail bond process, bail bondsman in Iredell County work to ease the financial burdens of their client. Yes, they charge a small premium on the overall bond amount but think about it positively. When you reach out to a bail bond company in Iredell County, you don’t have to worry about paying the entire bail amount and can secure the freedom of your loved one swiftly without any financial constraints.

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