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Bail Bond Process in North Carolina || How it Works

As a leading bail bond company in Iredell County, we have in-depth knowledge of North Carolina’s bail bonding system. Our bail bondsmen in Statesville, NC, have a nuanced understanding of the requisite procedures, fast-tracking the process to secure an early release.  The bail bond process in North Carolina involves multiple steps to post bail and facilitate release for an arrested individual. We will help you understand everything that happens from the point of a person's arrest to their release on bail.

What Happens After a Person’s Arrest in the Statesville Area?

The law enforcement authorities take an arrested person into custody, placing them in a jail near them. If a defendant is in the Iredell County Jail, the bail process is simple and fast. This county jail has devised preset bail schedules for common offenses in the area. As a result, it is easy to identify the bail amount to be paid if a person is arrested for such an offense. However, non-standard allegations require a Court-authorized process where a Magistrate sets the bail amount within 48 hours of one's arrest.

What Happens After a Person’s Arrest
How Does Bail Work?

How Does Bail Work?

Bail is a monetary guarantee that the defendant will not flee from the Justice system. This deposit ensures that the person continues to attend all trial proceedings after the release. Once the arrested party submits the bail amount to the Court, they may be released from Jail till their trial concludes.  If the defendant fails to comply with the bail terms, the money is forfeited. Bail is available only for defendants accused of bailable offenses as per applicable laws. Some defendants may find it challenging to navigate the bail bonding process or pay for such a large amount themselves. In such cases, they can consult a bail bond company.

What Can We Do As a Bail Bond Company?

A bail bond company can post a surety on behalf of defendants to secure their bail. For example, if you hire a licensed bail bondsman in Statesville, NC, they can underwrite the bail without you having to pay the entire amount. You can pay a stipulated percentage of the bail amount to them as a fee. Then, they draw up a contract to guarantee the defendant's bail terms with a co-signer from the defendant's side. A friend or family member may become the co-signer during the bail bonding process.

Our team can help you get 24-hour bail bonds in Statesville, NC, whenever you get the news of an arrest. We can take you through the bail process and help you navigate its complexities with ease. We provide flexible payment systems to ensure convenience for our clients.

What Can We Do As a Bail Bond Company?
How To Pay a Bail Bond Company

How To Pay a Bail Bond Company in the Statesville Area?

You can pay us by submitting a percentage of the bail amount as a down payment. The standard rate for this payment is 15% but we offer rates as low as 5% when qualified clients have a high bond value. We also accept collateral such as real estate assets to secure your bail amount. Contact us today to discuss a payment plan that fits your budget!