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A loved one’s arrest can be a tremendously stressful event. On top of that, the complexities of the bail process can make it worse! While most arrested individuals are eligible for bail, the amount may be too high for the family to pay. In such a situation, our bail bond company can help you out. We have a team of licensed bail bondsmen in Iredell County who can post bail on your behalf and facilitate a faster release. Our affordable and efficient services can help you speed up the release process and set aside your financial woes.

24/7 Bail Bond Services- Quick Release and Affordable Rates

You can contact us for bail bonding in Iredell County 24 hours a day! Our agents are available around the clock to assist families dealing with this painful situation. We offer flexible payment options to fit your financial needs while posting the bond. Our affordable down payment plans help you minimize the financial burden and have a stress-free experience during this process.

How Does Bail Work?
Who Sets the Bail Amount?

Who Sets the Bail Amount?

The Court assesses the severity of the defendant's offense to determine their eligibility for bail. All those who are eligible have a bail hearing within 2-3 days of their arrest. The Judge sets the bail depending on the nature of the offense, flight risk, and past criminal records.

Most jails in Iredell County, Statesville have fixed bail schedules for common offenses. Anyone arrested for these common crimes can pay the prescribed bail amount and speed up the release process. However, an atypical offense requires a bail hearing where the Judge evaluates the case and sets a suitable bail amount.

Important Facts

How Can a Defendant Post Bail in Iredell County?

A defendant has three options while posting bail:

Making full cash payment for the bail amount.
Posting a bond secured by some collateral.
Posting an unsecured bond issued in lieu of good credit.

What is the Role of a Bail Bonding Company?

If you cannot pay the bail amount, you can contact a bail bond company to help you. They can post a surety bond on your behalf, guaranteeing that the defendant will attend all Court hearings.

To avail of this facility, you must pay a small percentage of the bail amount and a service fee to the bail bond agent. As a result, you can save cash and facilitate quick release without the hassle of arranging so much money. The bond must be co-signed by an indemnitor, who may be a friend or family member of the defendant. If the defendant fails to honor the bond and skips bail, then the co-signer will be liable to the bail bond company.

In some cases, the Court may require a valuable asset as collateral to secure the bond. Our bail bondsmen in Iredell County can guide you through this process and help you put up suitable collateral. If you do not have an asset to submit, they may also negotiate on your behalf for a signature-based bond.

Role of a Bail Bonding Company
Terms & Services

Bail Bonding in Iredell County || Flexible Terms, Convenient Service

We post bail bonds in Iredell County to help our clients get home faster. We understand the challenges you face while navigating this experience. That is why we have curated the most flexible terms in the industry to help you have a seamless experience. Here is what you can expect from our stellar team of bail bond agents in Statesville, NC:

We simplify the payment process with our convenient plans. The standard down payment requirement is 15% but we offer 5% down payment options for bonds higher than $20,000. However, this waiver is only available for clients with no prior history of failed Court appearances or out-of-country charges.

We do not charge additional fees or interests on your bond as the trial progresses. As a result, our bail bond services are extremely affordable for our clients.

We do not conduct credit checks to speed up the release process. We may request additional collateral or renegotiate the payment terms if the case circumstances change. However, we always communicate with our clients before making such changes.

Why Us?

Why Choose Us for Bail Bond Services in Statesville, NC?

We are the leading bail bond service provider in Statesville, reuniting countless families with their loved ones through bail. You should choose our service for the following reasons:

Our team of licensed agents has years of experience in posting bail bonds. Hence, they know the ins and outs of the bail bonding system in Statesville and surrounding areas. Hiring us allows you to seek their guidance and simplify the bail bonding process.

We provide 24/7 customer service to help clients navigate their bail bonding needs. Our continuous support helps you minimize stress and secure faster release at affordable rates.

Our team provides post-bail services to solve queries and concerns after the initial contract. For example, what happens if the defendant misses a court date? We help you navigate all these concerns and manage all bail-related issues with our expert support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A bail bond is a legally binding contract between a bail bond agent, a defendant, and the Court. A co-signer from the defendant’s side is also a party to this agreement. The bail bond agent provides surety on the defendant’s behalf to secure their release from custody while they prepare for trial. The agent becomes financially liable to the Court for the defendant’s compliance with bail rules. They must ensure that the defendant attends all Court hearings and honors the bail bond agreement.

The standard down payment for bail bonds in Iredell County is 15% of the bail amount. However, our reliable bail bond services can help you access flexible payment terms with minimal down payments of just 5%.

Once the Judge sets bail, a bond service can expedite the release process. Typically, the defendant gets out of jail within the same day of the bond payment.