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Every year hundreds of people go to jail for assault. It is a well-known crime with extreme legal consequences, and depending on the circumstances and the seriousness of the offense, the penalties can also be severe. However, the word “assault” is used in a myriad of ways. A seasoned bail bondsman in Statesville, NC can help you get out of jail before your courtroom trial if you are arrested for assault; but to understand the legalities better, it’s always better to understand the types of assault.

Typically, there are two types of assault- felonious and aggravated. Wondering what the difference between these two is and how a bail bondsman in Statesville, NC, can help you? Let’s start with some definitions!

Defining Felonious Assault:

Felonious assault, also known as assault with a deadly weapon or assault with the intent to commit bodily harm, is a term used to describe assault involving a dangerous weapon or the intent to cause critical physical trauma. The key distinguishing factor in felonious assault is the presence of a weapon or the explicit intention to cause significant physical damage. This offense is typically charged as a felony due to its serious nature.

Aggravated Assault:

Aggravated assault, on the other hand, refers to an assault involving the intentional infliction of severe physical laceration or assault committed with a deadly weapon, irrespective of the intent to cause harm. The defining characteristic of aggravated assault is the seriousness of the crime. While felonious assault focuses on the intent, aggravated assault centers around the actual infliction of the damage or the use of a weapon that inherently threatens human life.

Distinguishing Factors:

To further differentiate between these two offenses, it’s essential to examine the key factors that set them apart:

  • Intent vs. Result:

Felonious assault is primarily concerned with the intent to cause harm. Even if no actual menace is inflicted, the presence of a weapon or explicit intention to cause significant bodily damage can lead to a charge of felonious assault. In contrast, aggravated assault hinges on the actual infliction of severe physical harm or the use of a dangerous weapon, regardless of the initial intent.

  • The severity of Injury:

While felonious assault encompasses the intent to cause significant harm, it does not necessarily require proof of severe bodily harm. On the other hand, aggravated assault is characterized by the actual infliction of injury, irrespective of the initial intent.

Legal Implications and Penalties:

Both felonious assault and aggravated assault are serious offenses that carry substantial legal consequences. The penalties for these crimes can vary depending on jurisdiction, prior criminal history, and other aggravating factors. In general, however, both offenses are typically charged as felonies, which can result in significant prison time, substantial fines, probation, mandatory counseling, and a permanent criminal record.

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