24-hour Bail Bonds in Statesville, NC

Approximately 10 million people are arrested every year in the United States. However, most of these people are jailed for bailable offenses. This means that the arrestees can get freedom from pretrial detention by following the legal procedure for bail. Typically, a Magistrate examines an individual’s case after the arrest and sets a bail amount to secure their release. However, many families struggle to pay this amount and get their loved ones out of jail. If you are stuck in such a situation, a bail bondsman can help you out! You can search for a “24-hour bail bondsman near me” and work with a professional who fits the bill. But before you hire a bail bond agent, let’s break down everything you need to know about these professionals and what they can do for you!

What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do?

A bail bondsman is a licensed agent who can post a surety bond on behalf of a defendant. Many defendants and their families cannot afford the bail money. Even if they can afford to pay, they may not have liquid cash on hand. In such situations, they can contact a bail bond agent to post the bail on their behalf. A bail bondsman charges a small percentage of the bail amount as their fee and expedites the process. As a result, the defendant gets released from jail. They get to return to their loved ones and prepare for trial from the comfort of their homes.

How Does the Bail Bonding Process Work?

The defendant or their family members can contact a bail bond company in their area to initiate the process. For example, you can reach out to a local service provider for 24-hour bail bonds in Statesville. Bail bond agents are available round the clock to help families dealing with these crises. Once you contact the bail bond agent, they evaluate the case and determine a payment scheme that suits your needs. After you pay, the agent prepares the necessary documents for posting bail. A friend or family member of the defendant must co-sign the bail bond to facilitate the release. Once the bond is posted, the authorities complete the formalities to release the defendant from jail.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Bail Bond Agent?

Hiring a bail bond agent can make your experience seamless and hassle-free. Here are the benefits of working with a bail bond professional:

  • Minimize Financial Burden: A bail bond agent charges a standard premium payment of just 15% of the total bail amount. A payment plan with a low down payment of 5% may be possible for Large bail amounts for qualified clients. These payment options minimize the financial burden on a defendant and their family. They can save money for pre-trial expenses and use flexible payment options to pay for the bail bond.
  • Expediting Release: Bail bond agents understand the nuances of the bail process. As a result, they can expedite the formalities and facilitate quick release for the defendant. Working with a bail bond agent reduces the anxiety and hassle of navigating the bail bonding process.
  • Help with Documentation: The bail bonding process require the submission of different documents to streamline the proceedings. A bail bondsman can help you with the documentation to simplify your overall experience.

Hiring a bail bond agent can help you navigate this complex scenario with ease. You can contact our team at Statesville Bail Bonds to get 24-hour bail bonds in Statesville, NC. Reach out to our bail bond agents today to know more!

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