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You commit a crime and land up in jail. If you think that’s the worst thing you can do in the criminal justice system, you are mistaken. If you don’t want to be any more entangled in the legal intricacies than you are now, never even think about skipping bail. The judge deems you eligible for bail and allows it, and a bail bondsman in Statesville, NChelps you to post the bail without any financial constraints, but if you decide to skip bail, there’s more harm than losing the money. Thinking about the consequences of skipping bail? Here you go!

Legal Consequences of Skipping Bail

When a person is granted bail, they are essentially being entrusted to abide by the conditions set by the court, which typically include appearing at scheduled court hearings. Failing to do so comes with a range of legal consequences, including:

  • Warrant for Arrest: When an individual skips bail, a warrant for their arrest is typically issued. Law enforcement agencies are authorized to actively pursue and apprehend the individual.
  • Forfeiture of Bail Money: The bail money or property deposited with the court or a bail bond agency as collateral may be forfeited, which means the individual or their co-signers may lose the money or assets they put up.
  • Additional Charges: Skipping bail can lead to new criminal charges, such as bail jumping or failure to appear in court, which can result in fines and further legal complications.

Impact on the Criminal Justice System

Skipping bail doesn’t just affect the individual; it also puts a strain on the criminal justice system:

  • Delayed Court Proceedings: When individuals skip bail, it can lead to delays in court proceedings, as the court has to reschedule hearings and allocate resources to track down the fugitives.
  • Overcrowding in Jails: Since the purpose of bail is to allow individuals to await trial outside of jail when they skip bail, it can contribute to overcrowding in detention facilities.
  • Undermining Trust in the System: Frequent instances of bail jumping can erode public trust in the criminal justice system, as people may perceive it as lenient or ineffective.

Impact on the Fugitive

The consequences of skipping bail can be devastating for the individuals who choose to do so:

  • Constant Fear and Stress: Fugitives often live in constant fear of arrest, which can lead to significant stress and anxiety. The burden of looking over their shoulder takes a toll on their mental and emotional well-being.
  • Limited Employment and Travel Opportunities: Skipping bail can severely limit employment opportunities, as employers may be hesitant to hire someone with an active arrest warrant. Travel options are also restricted, as fugitives risk arrest if they cross state or national borders.
  • Damaged Reputation: Skipping bail can stain an individual’s reputation and credibility, making it challenging to rebuild their life once the legal issues are resolved.


When a judge allows you bail, they are testing you and giving you a little leash to establish some trust with good behavior. When you skip bail, you don’t just lose the money paid by the bondsman in Statesville, NC to post your bail, you also break the benefit of the doubt where you could be presumed innocent by the judge and face severe implications during your case.

So, never skip bail, and if you are looking for 24-hour bail bonds in Statesville, NC, contact the professionals at Statesville Bail Bonds today!