How a Bail Bondsman Works

Did you know that the number of North Carolina juveniles being arrested on serious charges has surged between 2021 and 2022? Are you aware that almost 102 arrests made by North Carolina’s law enforcement agencies were linked to at least 175 serious offenses? Watching a close acquaintance behind bars can be heart-wrenching. Instead of being distraught, the quicker you take action, the sooner you can get your loved one out of jail before the courtroom trial. If you are residing in North Carolina, then a veteran bail bondsman in Statesville, NC can be the savior. Let us see the types of bail and how the bail bondsman can walk you through the entire process.

Overview of Bail and its different types:

The bail grants freedom from pre-trial custodial detention to the accused offenders. It will help the defendant reunite with the family and prepare for trial while the case is pending.

When a person is arrested on solemn charges, the Judge determines a bail amount based on the type of case and the offender’s prior convictions. Analyzing the circumstances, the Judge decides whether a defendant is eligible for unsecured or secured bail.

  • Unsecured Bail: Also known as “signature bonds”, this bail enables the defendant to be freed based on their assurance. In this case, you do not have to provide any security to back the bail up.
  • Secured Bail: The defendant can either choose a cash bail where he needs to pay a sum of money to the Court authorities, or he can go for Surety bonds. This is where a licensed bail bondsman in Statesville, NC, comes into play. Experienced agents will post a surety bond on behalf of the accused to enable their release.

Now that you have an idea of a bail bond, let us delve into the process of how a bail bondsman in Statesville, NC, works to assist you with the posting of Surety Bonds:

A. Licensed bail bond agents underwrite the bail bond on behalf of the alleged defendant in exchange for a small percentage of the secured bond amount.

B. With a co-signer from the defendant’s side, they then formulate a contract to ensure the accused’s bail conditions. The co-signer can be anyone among the friends or family of the defendant who might have to compensate in case the defendant fails to comply with the bail rules.

C. Sometimes the bail amount set by the Magistrate is so high that you cannot bear it all at once. It calls for the support of an expert bail bondsman; who has an in-depth and nuanced understanding of the bail bonding process. They help you to put up suitable collateral and save liquid cash to facilitate a hassle-free bail procedure. Not only that, but they can also negotiate on your behalf for a signature-based bond, thereby reducing your financial burden.

D. Highly experienced bail bond agents provide round-the-clock services to expedite the bail-bonding process.


A crisis like the arrest of your loved ones can strike any time of the day.  So, if you are searching for a 24-hour bail bondsman near me, then; get in touch with the Statesville Bail Bonds now. Their licensed and experienced agents work ceaselessly, day and night, to provide prompt services and ensure a fast-track bail bond process.